Best Windshield Chip Repair Service in Boise

Best Windshield Chip Repair Service in Boise and Meridian, ID
Best Windshield Chip Repair Service in Boise and Meridian, ID
If you have a chip or a crack in your windshield or auto glass, a repair is the most cost-effective way to fix it in Nampa and Eagle. It costs much less to fix a cracked windshield before it spreads into a longer crack, which would require a more expensive windshield replacement. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible to repair a rock chip in your windshield, so it most likely will not cost you anything. We will walk you through how to submit a claim. A car window crack repair is typically quick, and you can drive the car immediately.
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Fix Rock Chips in Windshield in Boise and Eagle, ID


Do not wash your window before getting the chip repaired! A sudden temperature  change can immediately cause a small chip to turn into a car windshield crack.

Seal the windshield crack or chip to keep dirt and moisture out. You can do this by putting a piece of clear tape on it until you can get it repaired.

In the winter, turn on your defroster as soon as you start your engine so that your window heats up with the vehicle.
Stopping a windshield crack from spreading can save you time and money. We fix rock chips in windshields quickly so that you can avoid more damage.

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 “Fast excellent service and the best price around.  Did a rock chip fix on one car and replaced a windshield on another.  They will do cash or insurance. It's a win/win any way you look at it.”

-Myles S.
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Freedom Rock Chip has over 10 years of experience in windshield glass chip repair. Keep your windshield crack from spreading with our auto window chip repair services.
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